we want you to be thrilled with the final product! We will strive to exceed your expectations.

communication is the key to a successful project. respect is equally important. we believe in timely and accurate information. our team consists of working parents. we value our family time and yours. non-emergencies will be addressed during normal business hours.

things will go wrong. this is not an exact science. our team has the experience to address and resolve any issues we may encounter.

enjoy the process! don’t stress!
That’s our job!

timely decisions will keep your project moving. timelines slip and product availability changes when decisions are delayed.

prompt payment of retainer requests, deposits, and invoices will keep your project on track. slow payments cause the projects to lose momentum. for this reason, we collect in advance for design services and materials.

just because you love something doesn’t mean it’s the right fit for you or your home.

your neighbors are not in charge.
your project is not their project.
we work for you.

your friends and family members are not your designer. too many opinions, even from well-meaning people, end up costing you time and money. you have hired us.
trust us.

people build things, create things, and install things. the items for your project are no exception. there are industry tolerances for construction, furnishing, and fabrics. it is our job to determine what is within the industry tolerances based on our experience.

lead times are quoted by our suppliers and contractors. we do not set ship dates or completion dates. please be prepared for longer lead times as many factors can impact the timeline.

custom and special-order items cannot be returned.

birthdays, holidays, parties, and guests do not speed up your project. we want to complete your project in a timely manner. rushing our team and applying pressure does not change the schedule. however, it does take joy out of the project. please be patient and allow us the time needed to get it right.

items can be back ordered or discontinued without warning. if this occurs, we will work quickly to source a comparable replacement. in our experience, this usually happens for a reason and our clients fall in love with option b.

your items will be handled multiple times on the journey to your home, their final destination. shipping, receiving, delivery and installation are 4 separate services and may be invoiced as such.

we understand how exciting Installation Day is for you. It’s exciting for us too. we will invite you to see the finished product as soon as it is complete. no peeking!