Bri is our spunky, fun filled interior designer with a love for all things beautiful. Her love for Interior Design began at a young age. “Ever since 6th grade, when I understood what Interior Design meant, that's when I knew what I wanted to do and what I wanted to be when I grew up. I've held onto that passion and dream ever since.” Bri stated, “I grew up poor and was always moving from rental to rental, because my mom couldn't afford to stay in the same place after the landlord would raise the rent. She raised 3 girls on her own and held 3 jobs at one time. I would spend time rearranging my new rooms, but I never had a permanent home with my own room to be mine forever. I loved drawing up floor-plans for the house I would build when I became rich and famous.” Today she lives that dream through each client, ensuring that their designs bring their dreams to reality.


Bri’s favorite product is Cambria Quartz countertops because they are beautiful, classic, and low-maintenance. Bri stated, “They are worth the dollar amount in my opinion! Splurge-worthy!” She suggests clients use Quartz in the kitchen and save in the other rooms with laminate as there are tons of great options and more to come!


When Bri isn’t designing your new construction or home remodel you can find her indulging in her favorite guilty pleasures: Pinterest and Instagram.

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On a rainy harvest day you can find Bri & her husband out on their favorite date: Dinner and a Movie. Although, they enjoy all genres the top of the list is filled with mystery, drama, history, & action movies. Bri’s all time favorite movie is a tie between Pride & Prejudice and The Sandlot.

With the holidays around the corner you can bet Bri is planning to celebrate by incorporating her favorite Christmas tradition of opening one present (her choice, of course) on Christmas Eve. She has been upholding this family tradition from a young age with her family and now with her husband, Cole.


Bri’s Big Goal for 2019: “My goal for every year, be more organized than the year before = do better in everything than you did the year before.”

HIDDEN FACT ABOUT BRI: She has a photographic memory which helps her remember the oddest information. “My mom always used to ask me where anything was if she couldn't find it and I could always tell her exactly where it was.”